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Your children didn’t come with an instructional manual. Until now.

In an era when the majority of children are not asking what they want to be when they grow but instead what they want to be when they give up, Parenting...With A Twist will help you raise hopeful, thriving, engaged and confident children.

Building a great relationship with your child, and making them success-ready, is an important part of allowing them to become self-sufficient and happy. Instead of using punitive measures, discover the magic in getting to know your child, and fall back in love with them at every age.

Learn why it’s important for your child to say “no”, and even lie to you. Explore not allowing school grades to define your child, and understand all of your child’s behaviours, especially the ones that drive you the most insane.

Using our Success...With A Twist system, you will be able to do your own Parenting Skills Assessment. Do you spend enough quality time with your child? Is your household set up for success? Are you able to navigate the school system with piece of mind? Do you like the child you love? Included are many hands-on and interactive tools, to empower you to discover the positive parent within.

"A good friend told me, when I was pregnant with my first child, that it’s not how much you save for your children for their first car, house, marriage, schooling, or whatever you deem as important — it’s how much you save for them for counselling because no matter what you do as a parent, you somehow mess it up! We are here to help you mess it up a little less!” Amber Scotchburn

If you sometimes feel like you want to curl up into a cocoon and not parent anymore? Then, be prepared for something amazing and wonderful — look at what happens when caterpillars come out of their cocoons! You too can transform into the parent you’ve always wanted to be!

We understand that there is a lot of intense pressure on parents to produce a successful child, teenager and young adult! Often this pressure starts from even the mere thought of having a child. Let us walk you through this journey and help your child survive instead of just barely survive.

I pinky promise you that by using this book as a guide, you will transform!


Topics Covered In The Book

If you’ve thought it was impossible to be the parent you want to be, I’m inviting you right now to change IMPOSSIBLE into “I’M POSSIBLE”! You can be that parent you’ve always wanted to be.

What are your hopes, wishes, dreams & desires?

Yes, you get to have dreams, goals, wishes, hopes and desires as a parent! Our journey will be to help you reach those stars. So, anytime you start to feel discouraged as you have a particularly challenging parenting moment, this image will remind you that you can reach your stars!

Let’s examine the way you see the world!

Start to be aware of and question thoughts and patterns that could be detrimental to you reaching your life dreams. Yes, you too can be the parent you’ve always wanted to be!  

Are you open to a new take on making mistakes?

Shift your mindset to change the spelling of ‘mistake’ to ‘miss take’ so that you can live your live without fear of making an error but embracing each moment that life offers to love, to learn and to be grateful. Yes, you’ve not messed up the kids…yet!

What life experiences shape you?

Separate yourself from your ‘story’: be who are you meant to be, instead of who you think you should be, what you think you can’t be or living where you got stuck. Yes, you get to choose the path your life as a parent takes, your past doesn’t dictate this!

Do you use caution as you proceed through life?

This book will basically be you “tool box of parenting”. You will get to assess how you are acting, thinking, behaving and being right now as a parent! And decide, are these things you want to continue doing? Are there things you would like to change or shift?

Do you set goals & make a plan to reach them?

Realize that your life is made up of a series of choices, each with a price and a benefit, and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, that is truly how simple life is!

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An Invitation to Read All About The Author, Amber Scotchburn

Amber Scotchburn

AMBER SCOTCHBURN is an internationally-recognized parenting expert, and the co-author of the bestselling book Dynamo Diaries: Success Secrets of 21 Shining Stars. She is the founder of Amber Scotchburn Training Consultants, a life skills-based training company.

Social worker, teacher, tutoring agency CEO, bestselling author, and nationally sought-after parenting expert, Amber Scotchburn finally provides what the everyday parent is looking for: a manual full of parenting tips to help YOU be the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

The everyday parent includes co-parents, single parents, step-parents (or, as Amber likes to call them, Bonus Parents), dads, moms, new parents... and the list goes on!

As an everyday parent, you will be able to do your own Parenting Skills Assessment through reading this book. And then, place your trust in Amber’s Signature Success…With A Twist system to help you transform the knowledge gleaned from this skills assessment to empower you to discover the positive parent within!

Instead of using punitive measures as your first line of discipline, let’s discover the magic in getting to know your child and fall back in love with them at every age. Let’s learn why it’s important for your child to say “no” and even lie to you. Let’s explore not allowing school grades to define your child.  Let’s understand all of your child’s behaviours, especially the ones that drive you the most insane!

Parenting…With A Twist will keep you reading more, as Amber’s passion for people, encouraging story-telling, love of humour, uncanny insights, and her interactive process of teaching comes through on every single page.

Sound too good to be true? Request a preview to fall in love with Amber and her way of reaching the everyday parent, just like you!

What Our Readers Are Saying

Amber taught me so much about myself and showed me my strengths and built my confidence. Amber’s encouragement made us all feel and believe that we could do anything we put our minds to. Amber went the extra mile to help each of us individually and genuinely cared about our future and wanted each and every one of us to be a success. I thank Amber for helping me discover my path in life and for having such a positive impact on my life and the life of many others I know. Amber is a caring, professional, energetic and genuine teacher. Amber is the definition of what an ideal "teacher" and "leader" should be; strong, intelligent, professional, helpful and determined. Thank you Amber for everything you have done for me, I greatly appreciate the role you had in helping me become the person and parent I am today.


Jennifer Carreiro

Former Student of Amber’s & Parent of a Toddler!

"I connected with Amber Scotchburn when we took a training course together. I watched her efficacy with her audience, all the while having a ton of fun doing it! She has helped many families through her dedication in the realm of supporting parents in the process of navigating the unpredictable waters of everyday life. I recommend Parenting…With A Twist. Amber has crested a fresh and truly effective concept and approach.”


Thomas Bahler

Author, Speaker, Music Producer & Parent/Grandparent

"Amber’s love for creating content that’s relevant and life changing and then packaging it in a way that makes sense, is apparent as one reads through Parenting…With A Twist. She brings to light many areas where the everyday parent can start to make an immediate difference in their child’s life and their own. I’ve seen Amber in action with her own children and know that she practices the very ideas that she is suggesting. She is the real deal!”


Colin Sprake

Author, Speaker, Trainer & Parent of Teenage Girls!

“Amber's book is an intricate tapestry that weaves together practical skillset, conscious parenting theory and her invaluable experience as both a parent and teacher. She empowers parents to cultivate, nurture and support success-ready children who will lead us all into a bright and hopeful future!"


Gina Hatzis

Speaker, Owner of Project Passion Intl, Host of Ignite A Life You Love Global Summit & Parent!

“If you want to be a great parent that raises amazing children who turn into incredible adults, Amber’s book and coaching programs are a must. Parenting is easy when it’s easy, but when your child acts out or goes through a challenging time, then you need better strategies, like those you can learn from Parenting...With a Twist. I know, because Amber helped me with my 7 year old son when he was acting out and I didn't know how to help him. Amber got us through what could have been the beginning of a slippery slope."


Croix Sather

Author, Speaker, Celebrity Runner & Parent!

“You’ve heard of the dog whisperer, I’ve just discovered the parenting whisperer, Amber Scotchburn. As a grandparent, I’ll use the twists from this book to help me during mealtimes, meltdowns and other tricky kid situations. Whether dealing with the terrible twos or arguing with a teenager, this book introduces tried and true methods, backed up by reputable research, gleaned from the author’s sixteen years as a parent and twenty as an educator. If you want to decrease stress in your family interactions while increasing love and goodwill, this is the book you need. Parenting…With a Twist will help you improve relationships, not only with your kids, but with everyone else you meet.”


Mary Cantando

Author, National Magazine Columnist, Coach & Parent/Grandparent!

"There are so many books about how to parent infants and toddlers. Everyone has advice for those just becoming parents but as our children get older and the challenges of parenting more complex, this advice and support dwindles. I have so many friends who come to me asking for advice on parenting school aged, pre-teen and teenagers. There hasn't been any website, blog, Facebook page or book that I felt confident to direct these parents to...until now! Laid out in an easy to read relatable style, Parenting...With A Twist addresses real life challenges we all face as parents. The author, Amber Scotchburn, shares personal accounts of parenting challenges and solutions as a teacher, tutor and parent using curiosity rather than discipline as your guide. Parenting...With A Twist suggests mindfulness techniques that both parents and children can use in real life scenarios. It’s almost impossible to explain with clarity and simplicity the way to parent but this books does that. Parenting...With A Twist is a must read for all parents!”


Jessica MacLean

Police Officer, Host to Variety of Facebook Parenting Groups & Mother of 4 Beautiful Children!

“I became a parent at twenty years old. Then, a single Mom of two kids at twenty-three years old. In 1982, Dr. Spock’s book, friends and family were the only ‘manual’ I had to be a parent. I grew up in broken homes with no ideal role models. I raised my kids the best I could with what I had. Having Amber’s book in my hands back then would have been a game changer for not only my children, but myself. From parenting, leadership, setting goals, money and mindset, Amber covers it all! As a Grandmother of five, the tips and techniques that Amber shares from her own experience with her children, and as an educator for over twenty years gets me excited! It’s not too late for this book to still be a game changer for me with my grandkids. I have also put this book in the hands of my children to help them be the best parents they can be. I believe that this book should in the hands of teachers, daycare, pre-school and anyone that has relationships with children. Thank you Amber. You are a trail blazer and will make a difference in thousands of childrens and parents lives!”


Shari Molchan

Financial Advisor, Visionary Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Parent/Grandparent!

“Elastic Bands! The song Kumbaya! Stop Signs! What do these have in common? We all know them -- did you know these are parenting tricks too? I sure didn’t, not until I read parenting expert, Amber Scotchburn’s newest book, Parenting...With A Twist: 12 Positive Parenting Tips for Raising Confident & Success-Ready Children. I love the way vestiges of our ‘past’ have been Twisted into the ‘now’, becoming practical and very modern supportive parenting tips. There are other parenting books out there but this one stands out from the rest. The strategies are simple, filled with common sense and always give you the ‘why’ of children (and adults) behave the way they do. “Let’s raise a child that won’t have to recover from their childhood.” This amazing quote from Pam Leo is referenced in the book! Grab a copy of this book, pour a cup of tea, and read, read, read! I promise you that parenting will be a much happier activity. You’ll also feel more confident in the way you are preparing your child for their future.”


Pamela Chatry

Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speaker & Parent!

“I remember my feeling of helplessness as my daugher, Deanna, had a major meltdown at the local grocery store and thinking to myself -- 'I wish she came with a handbook.’ I had known what to expect when I was expecting, but that was the easy part. Now with my daughter wailing with such determination that I was sure security was going to come and cart me away to children’s services, I seriously wished that someone would have written a book to guide me through the rest of this perilous expedition called motherhood—after the ‘expecting' part. And as Deanna got older, I had no idea how much pressure I should apply for her to excel in school. Should I defend the teacher and instill respect for authority when there was a conflict—even when I knew that she was right? And what should I do about my son who has a genius IQ and absolutely no interest whatsoever in traditional learning? How could I know what was an appropriate level of discipline and what do I do if the behavior that warrants discipline is something they modeled from me or my husband? And when they were teens, I never knew how much I should be listening and how much I should be talking. Wasn’t I the one that was supposed to have the answers? In other words, where was Amber Scotchburn when I needed her?”


Debra Poneman

Author, Speaker, Coach & Parent!

"In Parenting…With A Twist, Amber Scotchburn offers a breakthrough approach to parenting. She shows you how to become conscious of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions which helps you to raise your ‘parenting set point'. By nourishing our own inner-selves we become better people and thus better role-models for these special children who have been born to make this planet a better place.”


Marci Shimoff

NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

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