Upcoming Events

May 4, 2017 from 6-8pm
North Nanaimo Library

Five Solutions to
Common Parenthood Failures,
Interactive Q & A
with Amber Scotchburn!


Event Description

Five Solutions to Common Parenthood Failures
~ Interative Q & A with Amber Scotchburn, Parenting Expert

“Let’s raise a child that won’t have to recover from their childhood.” Pam Leo #parentingwithatwist

Who Needs To Attend:
-Parents New & Old
-Step-Parents/Bonus Parents
-Coaches & Managers
-Social Workers

Benefits of Attending:
-Learn how to grow confident children!
-Discover how to build amazing relationships!
-Walk away with many hands on tools!

We understand that there is a lot of intense pressure on parents to produce a successful child, teenager and young adult! Often this pressure starts from even the mere thought of having a child…

Instead of using PUNITIVE measures, discover the magic in getting to know your child, and fall back in love with them at EVERY age.

Or, perhaps you need help with:
-homework struggles
-liking the child you love
-understanding your child
-worrying if you are a good enough parent…

I’d love to hear more of where you are at on your parenting journey and, maybe, even share some laughter and tears ;)!

I invite you to my Q & A Session!

I’ll be gifting my Parenting…With A Twist: 12 Positive Parenting Tips for Raising Confident & Success-Ready Children Workbook & doing a draw for a FREE book!

From My Home To Your’s,

ps=“A good friend told me, when I was pregnant with my first child, that it’s not how much you save for your children for their first car, house, marriage, schooling, or whatever you deem as important — it’s how much you save for them for counselling because no matter what you do as a parent, you somehow mess it up! We, Parenting…With A Twist are here to help you mess it up a little less!” Amber Scotchburn

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