Is Your Household Set Up For Success (Reflection)?

Would you like your child to leave home only to return to live with you until they are 34 years of age? Do you try to control your children? Do you have chores, non-negotiables, natural consequences, and family rules defined for your house? What currency can you use of your ..Continue Reading

Do You Like The Child You Love (Reflection)?

Do you treat your child like a robot that turns on when when you press a button or re-boots because you press a series of buttons? Do you look in the mirror and thank yourself for how your children behave? Do you have more debits or credits in the relationship ..Continue Reading

Are you Already Wealthy (Reflection)?

If you continue to hold the opinion that material possessions are what defines your wealth, then you will always be in a continual world of pain as the wheel of wealth attainment just keeps on spinning! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS