Non-Traditional Education Part 2 (Radio Interview at The Beach 88.5FM)

Amber Scotchburn was recently interviewed by Dave Graham on 88.5 FM The Beach radio station. Amber continued the conversation of traditional versus non-traditional school options for children in Kindergarten to grade 12, that parents should learn so they can advocate for their children.  A single path is not right for everyone, that is why different educational paths exists.  In 2008, British Columbia changed the School Act so children can take a hybrid of traditional bricks and mortar school, online classes, or Independent Directed Studies or IDS.  For example, if your child easily completes their grade 7 math in class and wants to work ahead, why not register them for grade 8 math online, so they really can get ahead!?  If you can learn about BC’s education system and advocate for your child, and your child has non-traditional learning interests, options do exist to keep them engaged in school. Each podcast is meant to give parents insights that can help them be the parents that they always wanted for themselves.  Amber is author of the book Parenting…With A Twist, owner of the tutoring agency Tutoring…With A Twist and is a regular contributor on the radio program.

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