Family Time (Radio Interview at The Beach 88.5FM)

Amber Scotchburn was recently interviewed by Dave Graham on 88.5 FM The Beach radio station. Amber shared tips for quality family time during the holidays, including trying new things, learning from our children, and giving back to those in need. Each podcast is meant to give parents insights that can ..Continue Reading

Humboldt Broncos Discussion (Radio Interview at The Breach 88.5 FM)

In this episode, Amber shares some insights into the Humboldt Broncos tragedy aimed at helping families who are grieving. She talks about how quality time defines one’s relationship with their parents and how passions are so important to encourage in children. She believes that the outpouring of community support really ..Continue Reading

Household Success (Radio interview at The Beach 88.5 FM)

Amber Scotchburn was recently interviewed by Dave Graham on 88.5 FM The Beach radio station. Dave and Amber discussed “household success”, and tips for providing your children with the best chance of success as they grow up. Amber provides some helpful tips on discipline, consequences, chores and financial awareness. Amber ..Continue Reading

Thirteen Reasons Why…Not (Podcast Episode 3)

~ 13 Reasons Why…Not Episode 3 ~ The Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why, revolves around a 17 year old, Hannah Baker, who takes her own life. She leaves behind 13 audio recordings outlining 13 reasons why she made the decision to end her life. People of all ages are binge-watching ..Continue Reading

13 Reasons Why…Not (Podcast Episode 2)

Schools are where young people spend most of their day. They may spend more time with their friends and teachers than they do with their parents! It’s where friendships happen and where relationships form. It’s where teens find their self-worth – in popularity, in sports, in achievement. Guess what? It’s ..Continue Reading

The Language of Leadership – Reflection

I would like to invite you to think of yourself as the coach of a team. In this case, your family is your team. This podcast reviews with you how a good coach manages their team and will help you successfully manage your family — the most important team you ..Continue Reading

Grades Do Not Define Intelligence – Reflection

Would you agree that every child goes into school wanting to be successful? Yet, the system is primarily set up for perfection and not for learning from your miss takes. (Yes we spelled miss stakes like that on purpose.) A grade is simply a marker of where a student is ..Continue Reading

What You Need To Be Success-Ready – Reflection

We typically spend over 13 years years in school. Sadly, as we’ve learned, you will need to supplement your child’s education (and your own) in order to make your child (and yourself) success-ready! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS

The Dog Ate My Homework & My Study Notes – Reflection

We spend more time going to school and work than doing anything else in life. Both should be motivating and energizing. Let’s set your child up for success by teaching them how to get prepared for the “real” world! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | ..Continue Reading

What Do I Want To Be When I Give Up – Reflection

What if learning and trying were synonymous with success in school? What if we were graded on the ability to come back from a failed attempt? What if we were graded on our ability to make connections between our passions and our most hated school subject? Let’s change our concept ..Continue Reading