Vision Boarding (Radio Interview at The Beach 88.5FM)

Amber Scotchburn was recently interviewed by Dave Graham on 88.5 FM The Beach radio station.  Amber shared her process for creating the vision board of your dreams.  Amber’s program is called Learn to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself).  Vision boarding can be used by sports teams, parents, children and coworkers.  You can follow the process to help improve your relationships and finances and or help define and achieve important goals, from becoming goal-scoring leader on your hockey team, to getting straight A’s on your next report card.  Each podcast is meant to give parents insights that can help them be the parents that they always wanted for themselves.  Amber is author of the book Parenting…With A Twist, owner of the tutoring agency Tutoring…With A Twist and is a regular contributor on the radio program.

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