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Please be aware on this parenting journey that you are not alone and know that getting Twisted may involve you stepping out of your comfort zone. If you like to listen more than you like to read, alongside the book, I’d invite you to also download our podcast. The first 57 podcasts cover similar content to what is in the book:

Don’t get stuck as there are various ways to reach out to us if you start to feel overwhelmed:
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As mentioned there is a Parenting…With A Twist Workbook that accompanies this book! We are gifting the workbook for a limited time! We just need you to take the following three actions:

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ps=If you believe you have a group or a following that would buy more than ten copies, then I would encourage you to become an affiliate seller. Contact us to find out more about this! (Basically it means that you can earn money simply by promoting your love for the book. This would be good if you have contact with other parents on a regular basis either through a strong social media presence, any associations you are a member of, your workplace, or perhaps you are in a book club?!)