$2000 in prizes for ONE amazingly, fantastical MOM! 

When:        May 1-14, 2017

 {A surPRIZE added everyday for 14 DAYS!}

Click on the following links to bring you to the videos that will tell you what the prizes are for that day :)!
Introduction to the Contest Video

Day #1 Prizes: Bathboard, Tutoring Gift Certificate, Parenting Book ($600+ Value)
Day #2 Prizes: Relaxation Session ($60 Value)
Day #3 Prizes: Facial, Make-Up Application & Creams ($150 Value)
Day #4 Prizes – Part 1: Bath Gift Bag ($50 Value)
Day #4 Prizes -Part 2: Amazon GC ($30 Value)
Day #5 Prizes: Magnetic Organizers ($75 Value)
Day #6 Prizes: Transformation Book & Lubrication ($35 Value)
Day #7 Prizes: Wine & Wine Glasses ($55 Value)

Day #8 Prizes: Comfy Basket ($101 Value)
Day #9 Prizes – Part 1: Longevity Gift Certificate ($50 Value)

Day #9 Prizes – Part 2: Tarrot Card Reading & Book ($525 Value)
ay #10Prize: 6 Week Transformation ($299+ Value)

Day #11 Prizes: Domino Thinking Book & No BS Book ($35 Value)
ay #12 Prizes: Cleaning GC, Power Balls & Gourmet Cheese/Crackers ($100 Value)

Day #13 Prize: De-Cluttering GC ($85 Value)
Draw for Contest Winner
Contest Winner Accepting Prizes


How:           Parenting…With A Twist will host Live Daily
 on our Facebook page!

          Nominate A Mom & Tell Us Why You Chose

                      ~This can be your biological Mom or a Bonus
 that you’ve added to your life!

                      ~Just remember the fine print, which is that
they have
 to be able to pick it up in North
Nanaimo, as well as be open to doing a social
media live post about it!

           1. Like Parenting…With A Twist Facebook Page

                      2. Like the other Facebook Business Pages 

       Announced by Draw on FB Live on May 14,

Pick Up:
       Pick up time will be mutually arranged &

Fine Print:
   Open to Facebook  Video/Pictures 

                        Pick Up in North Nanaimo