An Invitation to Read All About The Author, Amber Scotchburn

Amber Scotchburn

AMBER SCOTCHBURN is an internationally-recognized parenting expert, and the co-author of the bestselling book Dynamo Diaries: Success Secrets of 21 Shining Stars. She is the founder of Amber Scotchburn Training Consultants, a life skills-based training company.

Social worker, teacher, tutoring agency CEO, bestselling author, and nationally sought-after parenting expert, Amber Scotchburn finally provides what the everyday parent is looking for: a manual full of parenting tips to help YOU be the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

The everyday parent includes co-parents, single parents, step-parents (or, as Amber likes to call them, Bonus Parents), dads, moms, new parents... and the list goes on!

As an everyday parent, you will be able to do your own Parenting Skills Assessment through reading this book. And then, place your trust in Amber’s Signature Success…With A Twist system to help you transform the knowledge gleaned from this skills assessment to empower you to discover the positive parent within!

Instead of using punitive measures as your first line of discipline, let’s discover the magic in getting to know your child and fall back in love with them at every age. Let’s learn why it’s important for your child to say “no” and even lie to you. Let’s explore not allowing school grades to define your child.  Let’s understand all of your child’s behaviours, especially the ones that drive you the most insane!

Parenting…With A Twist will keep you reading more, as Amber’s passion for people, encouraging story-telling, love of humour, uncanny insights, and her interactive process of teaching comes through on every single page.

Sound too good to be true? Request a preview to fall in love with Amber and her way of reaching the everyday parent, just like you!

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