Topics Covered In The Book

If you’ve thought it was impossible to be the parent you want to be, I’m inviting you right now to change IMPOSSIBLE into “I’M POSSIBLE”! You can be that parent you’ve always wanted to be.

What are your hopes, wishes, dreams & desires?

Yes, you get to have dreams, goals, wishes, hopes and desires as a parent! Our journey will be to help you reach those stars. So, anytime you start to feel discouraged as you have a particularly challenging parenting moment, this image will remind you that you can reach your stars!

Let’s examine the way you see the world!

Start to be aware of and question thoughts and patterns that could be detrimental to you reaching your life dreams. Yes, you too can be the parent you’ve always wanted to be!  

Are you open to a new take on making mistakes?

Shift your mindset to change the spelling of ‘mistake’ to ‘miss take’ so that you can live your live without fear of making an error but embracing each moment that life offers to love, to learn and to be grateful. Yes, you’ve not messed up the kids…yet!

What life experiences shape you?

Separate yourself from your ‘story’: be who are you meant to be, instead of who you think you should be, what you think you can’t be or living where you got stuck. Yes, you get to choose the path your life as a parent takes, your past doesn’t dictate this!

Do you use caution as you proceed through life?

This book will basically be you “tool box of parenting”. You will get to assess how you are acting, thinking, behaving and being right now as a parent! And decide, are these things you want to continue doing? Are there things you would like to change or shift?

Do you set goals & make a plan to reach them?

Realize that your life is made up of a series of choices, each with a price and a benefit, and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, that is truly how simple life is!

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